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Gehi & Associates is an international law firm based in New York. With more than eighty employees consisting of immigration attorneys, asylum attorneys, Divorce and Family attorneys across three offices in New York and one affiliate office in Mumbai, Gehi & Associates has used its global reach and decades of experience to assist more than 15,000 clients in matters of immigration, labor law, personal injury law, matrimony and family law, bankruptcy, insurance and landlord-tenant disputes, among many other areas.

Gehi & Associates focuses its practice on complex and cutting-edge legal issues that can arise at the intersection of multiple areas of law. The firm frequently helps its clients navigate the convoluted relationships between immigration, criminal, civil rights, labor, and matrimonial law, while also assisting them with other matters that range from private commercial disputes to their wills and estates. Among its notable representations are successful lawsuits in federal court that challenged the unlawful policies and practices of large private corporations, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, and President Donald Trump himself–in both his personal and official capacity.

In immigration and other matters, Gehi & Associates has been the law firm of choice for retired judges, U.N. diplomats, government officials, detectives of the New York Police Department, and other attorneys seeking experienced immigration counsel.

N.M. Gehi, Esq

A highly experienced immigration and trial attorney based in New York, whose practice focuses on novel and complex matters in immigration law, Naresh M. Gehi is the founder and Principal Attorney of Gehi & Associates. Over the decades, Gehi & Associates has represented clients in more than fifteen thousand matters in immigration law, labor law, insurance and landlord-tenant disputes, personal injury law, and family law, among other practice areas.

Naresh M. Gehi is also the personal advisor to the President of Suriname. President Chan Santokhi has appointed Mr. Gehi to lead the legal committee tasked with rewriting Suriname’s immigration laws, and frequently consults Mr. Gehi on international and trade law affecting Suriname. In recognition of Mr. Gehi’s service, which has also included significant contributions toward Suriname’s economy, President Santokhi has conferred upon him the title “Honorable.”

Naresh M. Gehi’s experience in immigration law has been recognized by The American Immigration Lawyers Association, which invited him to be a member of its federal litigation committee. As part of his service to the legal profession, he has spoken on the Association’s “Ask the Experts” panel, as well as their continuing-legal-education panel on federal district court litigation. He was also invited to speak by the New York State Senate, before which he has testified on immigration policy.

In media, Naresh M. Gehi has been referenced as an immigration expert by Fox News, Pix 11, ABC World News, and Reuters, among others. His work has been cited by the New York Times, New York Post, Mother Jones, and other leading publications in the U.S. and internationally. His speaking engagements have also included the Press Club of America in Washington, D.C.

Naresh M. Gehi’s service to the legal community and to the field of immigration law also extends to the public at large. His book, “Immigration for Everyone,” now in its third edition, is an accessible, layperson’s guide to U.S. immigration law that has also proven a useful reference for immigration attorneys.

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